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Our Mission

MITAGS-PMI is a non-profit vocational training center for individuals seeking to enter the maritime profession and for professional mariners seeking to advance their careers.

We focus on providing the highest quality training using effective technologies and teaching techniques so that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in today's merchant marine.  Please read our Mission Statement to learn more.

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The primary goals of MITAGS-PMI include:

Providing training programs and individual courses to facilitate entry into the merchant marine at the support and operational levels

Providing training programs and individual courses to individuals already in the maritime profession that facilitate advancement within the merchant marine

Providing continuing education courses that meet the regulatory and industry demand for advanced training

Providing customized courses and related services based on the specific needs of companies, members of the IOMM&P, affiliates and other organizations that assist in solving maritime advancement, training, educational and safety issues.

  • Our training programs are comprehensive and never lose sight of real world application.
  • When you graduate you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to do your job well.
  • The latest technologies and techniques to maximize your learning experience
  • Employer Relationships: MITAGS-PMI’s long-term relationship with regional and national maritime employers means that we can help students with the application process and keep them up-to-date on employment opportunities.

MITAGS/PMI … "The Leaders in Maritime Professional Training, Marine Pilot Licensing, Ship Simulation and Operational Research"


east coast and west coast locations

"The facility and staff were excellent in every respect from Registrar to Admissions to housekeeping to the facility in general. I would rate it highest in all categories."

Keith Fawcett, Acting VTS Director, Lower Mississippi